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The Breakfast Club

*Available Only by Invitation*

Welcome to The Breakfast Club—an exclusive invitation-only community designed for you and your canine companion. This specialized club caters to graduates of our Skills and Obedience program (formerly Basic Obedience) or those who have received a personal invitation. Our goal is to enrich your connection with your dog through a rewarding and enjoyable learning adventure.
Trade your typical Saturday morning dog park routine for an invigorating club-style training session alongside a small, like-minded group of enthusiasts.

What to Anticipate

  • Exciting & Educational Activities: The Breakfast Club seamlessly combines fun and education. Engage in brain games, motor skill activities, learn intriguing new tricks, participate in agility challenges, and refine existing obedience skills.
  • Tailored for Graduates: This exclusive experience is reserved for clients who have successfully completed previous training with MDT or other modern dog training schools. Ideally suited for graduates from our Skills and Obedience program or those who have received a special invitation, it serves as a natural progression to elevate your expertise. Connect with fellow graduates who share similar training experiences.
  • Dynamic Learning: Guided by enthusiastic participants, each class offers a unique experience. Ever wanted to be an instructor? Have a skill, trick, or game you’d like to share? Breakfast Club Members are welcome to volunteer to lead the small group sessions. From agility challenges to exciting tricks and advanced obedience skills, our sessions are diverse and engaging. Join us for a fresh adventure every week.
  • Flexible Participation: Flexible Participation: Our membership-style class provides the convenience of dropping in any week that suits your schedule. Each week promises something new and exciting, ensuring a fresh experience every time you attend.
The Breakfast Club – Melbourne Dog Trainers
The Breakfast Club is all about you and your dog having a great time together. The dog training component is designed to enhance the experience. If participants have good leash skills, sit-stay, drop-stay, hand targeting, and understand the termination cue “Free,” they will love these sessions. We’ll work a lot using basic training techniques, such as lure, shaping, and termination cues. If you need a private refresher or would like a second opinion, take advantage of the Members’ bonus—get a $100 discounted private dog training session by calling the office to discuss.
Q. What if my dog is socially uncomfortable or a little reactive?
In most cases, this shouldn’t be a problem, and these sessions could be beneficial for both you and your dog. As this group operates more like a club session and is often led by other enthusiastic students, there won’t always be an official instructor for personalised assistance. If in doubt, we suggest booking a private session held onsite alongside one of the 8 am classes, so your trainer can help you and your dog work at a level (distance) that is enjoyable for all.
Join us for a tail-wagging good time as we embark on this thrilling journey together! This is your opportunity to deepen the bond with your beloved dog while having a blast learning new skills. Don’t miss out on this chance for an enriching experience for both you and your furry friend!
To confirm your membership, please call the office at 8609 9700 to arrange payment.
We eagerly anticipate your participation and look forward to seeing you soon!
The Breakfast Club – Melbourne Dog Trainers

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