Private Training

Private Training

Your one-on-one dog training solution

Whether you are looking for coaching to refine some of your dog training skills or perhaps your dog has some complex behaviour issues, your expert Melbourne Dog Trainers can help.

Personal Training and Private Consultations are a great way to get great results quickly and affordably.

We will work with you and your family at a time and place that is convenient. Whether you need general guidance, specialist advice or assistance with more specific and challenging concerns such as Separation Anxiety Disorders, aggression, or challenging fear-related issues, then Private Training can be customised to you.

During the Initial Consultation, your trainer will set realistic expectations and achievable homework schedules. If you’re time-poor they can even help with Personal Training packages (regular and ongoing sessions).

You and your family will learn easy to understand skills to quickly improve your dog’s confidence, well-being and behaviour.  Most common dog behaviour issues can be resolved with just a few private, customised sessions.

Private instruction is also a great choice to jump-start your puppy’s general manners and toilet training.

Private Training

50 min consultation
  • Initial Consultation:
    at your home (or park) – $184
    on site – $126.50
  • Repeat Consultation:
    at your home (or park) – $154
    on site – $96.50
  • Private Consultation Starter Pack:
    3 sessions at your home – $460
    3 sessions on-site – $280

Personal Training

50 min consultation

Ongoing training for dealing with arising problems

  • Personal Training Value Pack:
    8 sessions on-site – $700
    8 sessions at your home (or park) – $1,160