Theory Class

Theory Class

FREE with all enrolled group classes 

Our one-off compulsory theory night is an introductory session which introduces you to the basic art and science behind modern animal training concepts and techniques.

The Theory Night class is compulsory for all newly enrolled students in any of the practical classes (Puppy, Adolescent, Basic Obedience). The practical group classes cannot be attended until students have participated in the Theory Night.

Topics covered in the theory class are;

  • how dogs learn
  • training methods
  • the science of learning
  • operant conditioning
  • classical conditioning

FREE Gift Starter Pack

All attendees will receive a starter pack containing

  • training treat pouch
  • clicker
  • treats
  • informative handouts
  • homework sheet


Tuesday evening

Puppy Theory Class:    6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Adult Dog Theory Class:    7:45 pm – 9:15 pm 


  • FREE with all enrolled group classes
  • One-off class – $65