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Adolescent Class for Dogs

manners & play etiquette

(For dogs aged 5+ months)

Just like people, dogs go through a “teenage phase” shortly after puppyhood. Your dog’s adolescent phase will begin at around five months and continue until they reach maturity at about 12-14 months of age.

Adolescence is the final stage of reproductive development in which a juvenile becomes an adult. Like in all mammals, dramatic hormonal changes and a re-organisation of the brain occur during this stage. Together this means adolescence could be a vulnerable time for owner-dog relationships.

In this “teenage phase”, your puppy is becoming more independent, and as a result, some people describe a “relapse in basic obedience” or becoming “more stubborn” or “difficult” to control.

During your Adolescent Class, your dog will brush up on a few obedience skills. At the same time, you’ll learn some management techniques to handle those problematic scenarios.

With a little fairness, consistency and encouragement, your dog will soon have those essential manners to set them on the right path for their adult years.

Adolescent Class consists of five sessions: a compulsory online Theory class and four practical lessons.

MDT Caulfield Training Grounds – Caulfield North

Content - Dog Obedience Class
Class Content

The Adolescent Class course consists of 5 sessions which include the following;

Session 1 – Theory Class

  • Compulsory Theory Class (Zoom)

Sessions 2 to 5 – Topics covered

  • Greetings & unwanted jumping
  • Leash manners (intro to loose leash walking)
  • Gate/door manners
  • Independence
  • Intro to come recall
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Theory Class

Tuesday evening
7:45 pm – 9:15 pm held online via Zoom

Practical Class
Saturdays (excl long weekends)


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Pricing - Dog Obedience Classes in Melbourne

$220 (new students)
$195 (postgrad from Puppy Pre-School)

Postgraduate discounts are available for attendees of other classes/private consults

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